Anya GUTI and Tato VEGA


Guti and Vega is kirtan and elecronica music. It is a blend of mantras, mystic poetry, tribal sound with modern arrangements
and electronic beats.


Guti and Vega is a collaboration  by Anya Guti and Tato Vega.


Anya is Miami based yoga teacher and music artist, dedicated
to our collective and personal evolution through spiritual awakening
and yoga. After experiencing the healing and transformative power of
yoga and mantra music on her life, she was fortunate to receive the
blessings and teachings from classical Indian music teachers, as well
as Raja and Bhakti Yoga teachers in India and America.

Tato Vega is an embodiment of high vibes and happy groves. He has been
a Rock and Roller most of his life, with a long successful career as
percussionist and lead singer in several rock bands, including Manu
Chao (france), Shocklenders (Argentina,Spain), Kayakman and Pokoloco

Guti and Vega channel a high energy and elevated mood in their music, creating an enchanted sacred experience that enables individual and a group consciousness to heal, reconnect and transcend to higher and happier state.

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