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Anya GUTI and Tato VEGA

Guti and Vega is a kirtan and electronic music duo,
created by Anya Guti and Tato Vega. Their music is a blend of
mantras,  mystical poetry, exotic melodies of the east with modern arrangements
and groves of the west.

Anya is a yoga teacher, mystic and artist, dedicated
to our collective and personal evolution through spiritual awakening
and yoga. www.anyaguti.com

Tato Vega is an embodiment of high vibes and happy groves. He has been a lead singer and percussionist all his life in many rock and roll  bands. www.tatovega.com


Guti and Vega channel a higher frequency energy and mystical
mood in their music, creating an enchanted and
sacred experience that enables individual and a group consciousness to heal, reconnect and transcend to higher and happier state.

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